Efficiant meetings - Creative solutions areas

14th September 2016, Zagreb

Meetings are a crucial part of our every-day jobs. We organize them in order to make decisions, generate new ideas or find solutions for exisiting or new problems. If the purpose of the meeting is not clear, the meeting lasts too long and the wanted results are not achieved, meetings can become places of frustrations.

Seminar goal: To gain knowledge, skills and attitudes which effect on developing abilities and encourage productive behaviour in business environment.

Expected workhop outcomes:

  • Successful meeting management
  • Understanding of taking different perspectives and its importance
  • Openness to new approaches in solving problems

Workshop themes:

  1. How to run a meeting
  2. View from the different perspective
  3. Solution to every problem

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e-mail: poslovni-centar-znanja@poslovni.hr