Crowd-funding is a quite recent financing tool (it first appeared a dozen of years ago), but it’s by now on everyone’s lips!

Crowd-funding is the collaborative process of a group of persons (the crowd) collecting money to fund a project. Typically, this process takes place on the web, on the “crowd-funding platforms”: would be entrepreneurs have the chance to register their project in the platform to collect funds and people (the crowd) can donate or invest money in it.

Today, you have therefore the chance to raise funds registering your business project in one of the numerous existing crowd-funding platforms. But first, you need to know which is the optimal one for you.

First of all, you should consider that there are 4 different types of crowd-funding platforms:

1. Equity Based: this model is targeted to individual investors seeking to invest in business projects in view of a potential financial return in the business. This means that in this case, the start up/would be entrepreneur that uploads its business project in the platform, is selling an equity (ownership) in the business itself.

2. Donation Based: these platforms collect donations/contributions for a charitable cause.

3. Lending Based: it is a form of lending: people putting money in the project will be repaid for their investment over a period of time.

4. Reward Based: the investors get a reward (service or product) in return of its investment.

Here below, here you are some possible crowd-funding platforms for your business:


Entrepreneurs can upload their crowdfunding campaigns for free using our campaign builder when creating Reward-based campaigns. For Equity and Loan-based campaigns, there is a small €500 fee that is charged only when the campaign is ready to go live. FundedByMe is a crowdfunding platform based in Stockholm, Sweden.


DeRev is an online platform and active media that creates innovation crowdfunding. Derev is an active media where on a daily basis thousands of people create contents and launch initiatives, support and back the most deserving projects, discuss and share the best ideas to trigger change. DeRev is a community forum for creative and innovative people who want to change the world for the better. On our platform, the best political, cultural, social and sport events are broadcast and discussed. It is an online destination for dialogue and to exchange ideas, information, projects and cooperation through transparent decisions.


In Italy, equity crowd-founding platforms are listed in the official register hold by Con Sob.

CROINVEST is the first Croatian crowdfunding platform for financing entrepreneurial, infrastructural and socially useful projects, with particular emphasis on projects that apply for EU funds. The platform combines five models of financing (donations, awards, loans, ownership participation and profit participation) customized to domestic law.


It’s the first Croatian crowdfunding platform.


GIVE&FUND is a new, easy-to-use and safe crowdfunding platform that offers you a  way to raise money online. After you set up your own fundraising page, this crowdfunding platform allows you to share the information very easily and quickly through your own social media channels and reach out to a great number of people, through your contacts and those of your friends If you have an inspiring project or a great business idea in mind you can start raising the money by using any of the services provided in this fundraising platform.


Groopio is the first Crowdfunding platform in Greece for creative projects. Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital in small amounts from a large group of people who want to support an idea or effort initiated by a person or organization. It is a complementary funding channel that helps fundraising, marketing and distribution all in one by using the Internet and social media.


OpenCircle is a Greek crowd-funding platform, launched for SMEs that need expansion capital. SMEs that have concrete expansion plans, in agro-food and technology sectors, can raise capital through OpenCircle Equity Crowdfunding platform. OpenCircle is targeting innovative companies that can grow internationally.