Business Angels are individuals that provide capital for startup business projects, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.

Business Angels differ from Venture Capitals because they normally invest at an earlier stage lower amounts of money (a range between 50.000 and 180.000 euro).

Increasingly, Business Angels are organizing themselves in Angel Groups or Business Angels Networks.

Business Angels also very often operate on online matchmaking platforms between investors and (potential) entrepreneurs.

Here below, you’ll find a useful list of the main both Business Angels Networks (BANs) and matchmaking platforms among Business Angels and startuppers/would be entrepreneurs available online.



IAG – Italian Angels for growth

IAG aims to finance industrial projects during early-stage presenting a high level of innovation and potential for success, to realise a profitable exit for the Angels in about 5 years. Through the funding supports entrepreneurship, innovation and research in our country by helping to promote sustainable development in the long term. Promotes, through the Angel Investing, development of new business initiatives and economic growth. Contributes to the success of the youngest companies exploiting the best talent and ideas. Promotes economic growth and the creation of new qualified jobs.


Custodi di Successo aims to promote new business initiatives to help create new jobs and to the economic success of the company financed. Networking, training, the comparison between the members and the co-working will be the means to diversify its business and reap the economic benefits from their investments. The associates, motivated people who believe in entrepreneurship and innovation, are animated by the spirit of give-back by giving a better chance of success to new entrepreneurs by providing them professional opportunities in challenging, fun and financially attractive



Silicon Gardens Fund’s aim is to help startup founders grow their teams, ideas and businesses at the very beginning of their journey and enable them to compete on an international stage. Its principal investors are young entrepreneurs themselves and will be actively involved in helping the portfolio companies. Fund’s focus will be on adding value by providing experience, coaching and business connections to entrepreneurs in early stage technology startups. The Fund is betting that the combination of top local talent and the world class investor network can lead to amazing outcomes. The Fund will invest €20 to 40 thousand in 5 to 10 companies in the first year.



CRANE is a non-profit association which brings together private investors interested in investing in innovative companies in their early stages of development. The association was founded in 2008 as a joint initiative of partner institutions Agency for Export and Investment Promotion, Poteza Ventures, Croatian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, Association for promoting software and online entrepreneurship “Initium” and of successful entrepreneurs Damir Sabol and Hrvoje Prpi?. Up until 2015, members of Crane have invested over 20 million Kuna in Croatian companies. CRANE  is an association that brings together successful entrepreneurs and leaders of successful companies who have time, will and money for investing.



Bosnian Business Angels Network is a network of private investors interested in investing in productive, innovative and export-oriented companies in the early stages of development, and investing in various types of projects.? Business Angels are current and former successful entrepreneurs, as well as former and current leaders of successful companies, who finance start-up projects in high-risk way to enter into equity and assist in the further development and commercialization projects. Business angels invest in various industries and service of business. The most common reasons why business angels investing are: profit, encouraging, entrepreneurship, business activity and the creation of new value! Business angels are individual investors that his business experience advising companies and young entrepreneurs, and help their future growth.


Seed Forum is a global network of national not-for-profit foundations and national representatives in more than 40 countries. The global collaboration entity of the Seed Forum network is Seed Forum International Foundation working out of London. The Seed Forum concept has grown rapidly since it was founded in Norway in 2002, and the Seed Forum concept is currently referred to as a global concept. Seed Forum is  currently running investor matchmaking forums in more than 30 countries worldwide. The Seed Forum process has the objective of providing competence within investor readiness and investor matchmaking opportunities for private investors, seed funds, venture funds, private equity funds, corporate venture investors, family offices and financial intermediaries in born global companies.


SBAN – Serbian Business angel Network

Serbian Business Angels Network is the first organization of this type in Serbia whose main goal is to connect Business Angels (individuals ready to invest in new business ideas and projects) and entrepreneurs with a developed business plan and a team of people ready to implement the idea and to develop the business project. SBAN mission is to provide the fastest, the most efficient and the easiest way from business idea to the capital necessary for its implementation, from an entrepreneur to an investor. Business Angels are high net worth individuals who, either on their own or as a part of a syndicate, invest their capital, knowledge and business contacts in high growth businesses. In addition to money, Business Angels often make their own skills, experience and contacts available to the company.



StartTech Ventures is the investment & incubation arm of the Materializing Innovation Group and has three functions: Seed Fund, Incubator and Business Angel Network StartTech capitalizes on the experience its people gained out of starting Virtual Trip, the first successful student start-up in Greece, spinning out more than 10 high-tech companies and creating a next generation startup accelerator via introducing the "Entrepreneurial Ecosystem" concept; supporting high-growth businesses to take advantage of economies of scale without compromising flexibility and strong entrepreneurial drive.


Angel Capital Ventures (previously Rebel Crew Games) have operated for over 10 years, in the development of mobile and online marketing solutions, gamification applications for marketing and training, online publishing and in-house game development. Angel Capital Ventures (ACV) is venture capital firm specialized internet projects and investments. ACV is bringing a fresh investment philosophy which allows the entrepreneur with a new and exciting idea to grow by fascilitating the marketing, the legal and accounting processes as well as providing space and consulting services in strategic matters for each newly established venture.




It's a matchmaking platform between startuppers and investors. 


It's a matchmaking platform between startuppers and investors.