Support to Business Angels Networks and Fund-raising for Startups

Support to Business Angels Networks and Fund-raising for Startups @ INNOVATHENS, Technopolis Athens

ATLANTIS Consulting SA in collaboration with ERFC will be holding a co-sponsored two-day event with the title Smart-Inno Support to Business Angels Networks and Fund-raising for Startups at Technopolis, Gazi venue. The event is organised in the framework of the Smart-Inno Project funded under the Interregional Cooperation Programme ‘IPA Adriatic 2007-2013’. Focus will be on provision of support to Greek Business Angels Networks, Incubators and Co-working spaces, and also, on fund-raising for innovative Startups.

During the first day, on the 22nd of December, presentations and discussions, with the participation of key stakeholders, will focus on latest developments on the operation of the Business Angels Networks in Europe, and also developments for Incubators in a global perspective. The new Smart-Inno Electronic Platform and Services ( that aim at promoting research and innovation in all countries of the Adriatic-Ionian region, will be also presented.

In particular, presentation of the Smart Inno Platform will focus on the following services: a) fund-raising for Startups from the Adriatic Ionian Business Angels Network; b) electronic e-recruitment Talent Finding Service that answers the needs of SMEs in human capital; c) support for Research & Innovation for innovative Startups and SMEs.

A presentation that carries a special interest for Startups and Business Angels from Greece, will focus on the recent developments on the Adrionic Business Angels Network.

During the second day, on the 23rd of December, a Business Angels Forum and pitching event will take place, with the participation of Startups and newly founded business teams, who will present their business plans to business angels.