SME WEEK - Guaranty Fund as a supported instrument to innovative enterprises

Guaranty Fund as a supported instrument to innovative enterprises

On 17 November in the framework of the European week of SMEs, the informative session “Guaranty Fund as a supported instrument to innovative enterprises” was held at the University of Vlora, informative session with young students, from the University of Vlora branch business management, information technology and tourism. 108 last year students, who aspire to start a business after their graduation, took part in this meeting.


The purpose of this event was to inform the students interested to opening of businesses in Vlora, Saranda and Delvina  for the opportunities they have to apply and benefit from Auleda’ Guaranty Fund, and the credit line related to this fund.

This activity was also registered on the portal of the European Union to SMEs, ranking Albania as one of the countries that support and promote small and medium enterprises.


Small business is the backbone of a country's economy. Encouraging youth in the Innovator disposal of ideas and the opening of new businesses is our goal.

During 12 years it has been the focus Auleda support innovative ideas and financial support through the Guarantee Fund.

Once the students were introduced to support that provides Auleda and two successful cases supported by Auleda they expressed interest to be known more by the agency, its work and the opportunity they have to be based on ideas Theirs.

They were also informed and to promote the portal in which European and registration week that Auleda had done for this event.


Students asked whether their idea can be financed 100% or not? If they, need to prepare a business plan? As can be assisted to the idea of laying them on paper? Can be trained at Auleda for the management of the business and what ideas can be funded.


The event featured great interest to the students which were involved in discussions on applications and eligibility criteria, evaluation criteria and procedures. The event was covered by local media.