Business Forum of Republika Srpska Managers

Business Forum of Republika Srpska Managers  is the first project with such topic in Republika Srpska. The first Forum was held in November 2015. and  brought together 150 participants - mostly managers of public enterprises, national and international private companies, representatives of institutions of the Republika Srpska, community groups, professional public and media. Center for Education "Pro Educa" after numerous  positive reviews and opinions, and the expressed interest by the participants and  general public, on April 21, 2016 in Banja Luka will organize  the second Business Forum.

The aim of this project is to provide continuous education, follow up on changes and the the latest trends in management, but also to learn,  exchange experience, best practicess and knowledge of successful managers and professionals.
IThe Business Forum in Banja Luka will  gather experts in the field of strategic planning, organizational culture, project management, crisis management and strategic management: Brane Gruban, Vladimir Vulić, Tomaž Pavlica and Dejan Ljuština.