Legal information on the use of personal data

The following information is made available to recipients of web services provided by Friuli Innovazione over (developed in the frame of IPA Adriatic CBC SMART INNO project) pursuant to the provisions in  art. 13 of Italian D. lgs. 196/2003.

The provisions herein are limited to the above mentioned website managed by Friuli Innovazione and do not apply to any other website visited by recipients via links listed on this website.

In compliance with the obligations set by Italian D. lgs.196 of June the 30th, 2003 (Rules concerning the protection of personal information), the users of this website are hereby informed that Friuli Innovazione, whose registered office is in Via J. Linussio, 51 - 33100 Udine, Italy, together with official partners of the above mentioned Project Smart Inno will process the personal information freely provided by users in accordance with the legislation in force.

The personal information provided will be processed according to the principles of fairness, legality and transparency as provided in art. 11 of D. lgs 196/2003: no information shall be collected in excess of the intended use, and data will be gathered pursuant with the objectives of point 1) and will be kept as long as the purpose of their collection has been satisfied.


1) Type of information and processing purposes

1.1 Browsing data

The IT systems and software procedures behind this website normally acquire personal information, the provision of which is implicit when internet communication protocols are used. No information is collected to be associated to individual users.

The nature of this information is however such, that - if processed and combined with additional information held by third parties - it may lead to the identification of internet users. Browsing data are collected to the only purpose of obtaining anonymous website use statistics and to ensure that the website works properly. Said data are deleted after processing. Browsing data may be used to identify any perpetrators of IT crimes against this website. In any other event, all data are deleted within seven days.

1.2 Information voluntarily provided by users

Any mail intentionally sent to the addresses listed on this website will result in the sender's address being acquired along with other personal information contained in the message. The information will be used to the sole purpose of satisfying the user's request. Users may exercise their rights pursuant to art. 7 of Italian D. lgs.196/2003 vis-à-vis the data collector at any time.

 1.3 Cookies

It is made reference to the complete information about cookie policy.

1.4. Pictures and audio-video recording

On the occasion of specific events as seminars, events, training courses and public meetings, Friuli Innovazione and official Smart Inno partners could take pictures and audio-video registrations, registering images and video within and outside their buildings, to be used for information and communication about SMART INNO activities and initiatives.

1.5. Objectives of data handling

Personal data are treated for the achievement of institutional aims of Friuli Innovazione and Smart Inno partners, in accordance with the objectives of their Statutes. In case of stipulation of conventions or contracts, personal data will be treated for the fulfillment of foreseen obligations. With the exception of obligations required by law (for example fiscal obligations) these data will be deleted after the closure of the above mentioned conventions and contracts.


2) Data processing systems

User data may be processed both manually (i.e. on paper) and by means of electronic, IT and web-based systems, for the time required to satisfy the purposes of their collection. All processing systems will comply with safety and privacy standards set in art. 31 of D. lgs. 196/2003 (minimum safety standards for the processing of personal information).

No data resulting from web-based services is either communicated or disseminated, with the only exceptions of communications required by law and by provisions of point 1.4. In all other cases data could only be communicated in anonymous and aggregate form and for statistical purposes for promoting activities of Smart Inno project.

Only with the explicit consensus of the user, its data can be used for creating databases for the above mentioned purposes, and for  communications concerning initiatives promoted by Friuli Innovazione and Smart Inno project, as seminars, events, training courses, ecc for technology transfer, patenting and safeguarding of industrial estate that could be of interest for the user.

The respect of minimum legal requirements will be ensured by any technical, IT, organizational and logistic means and safety procedures as provided in Attachment B to the It. D. lgs. 196/2003. The use of the above technologies will limit access to personal information to a restricted number of persons in charge of the processing of data on behalf of Friuli Innovazione and of official Partners of Smart Inno project, as described in point 4.


3) Freedom to refuse to provide personal information

Except in the case of navigation data, users are free to decide whether to provide or not their personal information. Refusal to provide personal information may result in the data collector's inability to satisfy the user's request.


4) Data collector and persons in charge

Data collector: Friuli Innovazione, via J. Linussio - 33100 Udine, VAT no. 02159640305. User data will be processed by staff / personnel or suppliers officially appointed as persons in charge of the processing of user data by the data collector, by the official Partners of the IPA ADRAITIC CBC 2007-2013 SMART INNO project and by the Business Angels members of the Ionian Adriatic BAN regularly inscribed in the Smart Inno Platform.

The Responsible for data collection is Mr Fabio Feruglio. The responsible can be contacted at: tel. 0432-629911, fax. 0432-603887, email:


5) Data subject rights

Users may exercise their rights pursuant to art. 7 of Italian D. lgs.196/2003 vis-à-vis the data collector at any time.

Art.7 of Italian D. lgs. 196/2003 - Right to access one's own personal information and other rights states that:

  1. Data subjects are entitled to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal records that concern them, even if no file has yet been created, and to receive said data in an intelligible form.
  2. Data subjects are also entitled to obtain information on:
    1. the source of said data;
    2. the systems and purposes of treatment;
    3. the logic applied in case of electronic processing;
    4. the name and address of the data collector, persons in charge and representative appointed pursuant to art. 5 par. 2;
    5. the persons or organizations or categories of persons or organizations that may access the data or to which the data may be transferred, in their capacity as the appointed representatives on the national territory, or persons otherwise in charge of the information.
  3. Data subjects are entitled to obtaining:
    1. an update, a change or, when interested, an integration of their personal records;
    2. the deletion, anonymization or the blocking of data processed in violation of the law, including data the preservation of which is no longer needed to the original purposes of collection or subsequent processing;
    3. proof that the operations described in letters a) and b) and the contents thereof have been notified to the recipients of data, except when compliance with this requirement is impossible or would require an effort clearly disproportionate to the purpose of protecting the data subject's right.
  4. Data subjects have the right to (including partially) object to
    1. for legitimate reasons, the processing of their personal information, even if relevant to the purposes of collection;
    2. the processing of their personal information for advertizing or direct marketing purposes, or for market survey purposes.